VRP Medical Center Honors the Blood Donor-Warriors

“I learned from my father that when you donate blood you donate life”, said Dr Edgardo Penserga, VRP Medical Center Deputy Medical Director during VRPMC’s National Blood Donors’ Month celebration.  Dr. Penserga added that blood donors are true heroes who do not need to die to save lives.

Dr. Penserga shares his story when he was a medical student how he personally witnessed the lifesaving power of donating blood supply to so many people who needed blood transfusion.

Dr. Aileen Javier, VRP Medical Director (in the middle) and Dr. Rosanna Tungol, Department of Pathology Chair, join Dr. Penserga and other blood warriors who received certificates of appreciation from VRP Blood Warriors Club and Hospital Blood Transfusion Committee in recognition of their noble commitment to donate blood regularly to VRP Medical Center Blood Bank.

Dr. Aileen Javier, VRP-Medical Director calls the audience to action with her closing remarks, “We will only pass this way once, we are sent today to be part of someone else’s life. Donating blood is a life on life act, be part of someone’s life today.” Some 40 men and women responded to Dr. Javier’s call to action to donate blood on that day.

The Hospital Blood Transfusion Committee members fulfill their call to serve to facilitate the National Blood Donors Month celebration of VRP Medical Center.

The National Blood Donor’s Month is observed every July of the year by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 1021 which aims to build public awareness to the altruistic cause of blood donation and to honor blood donors of their noble lifesaving act through their gift of blood which is a gift of life.

The blood donors were treated to have lots of energy and health drinks with M2 Malunggay, Pocari and Gatorade for their ‘gift of life’.